I am Anna Polsfut and I was born and raised in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. I am currently the Communications Coordinator for the Town. Before moving back to my hometown, Medicine Hat College was my home for four years. My journey began in the Pre-Journalism program, where I completed a drawing class as an elective. I could hardly draw a stick figure in the beginning. With
the help from encouraging professors and classmates, I continued taking Visual Communications classes as electives. After graduating once from Medicine Hat College attaining an Associate of Arts and Science University Transfer diploma, I decided to further my education in Visual Communications instead of Journalism.

My passions vary from photography, graphic design, and printmaking, to sculpture and painting. I generally create large pieces that are elegant and sophisticated. I sometimes like to push myself to create pieces that are more edgy. My favourite project overall is my dress constructed completely of book pages. I was able to wear it to class for critique. I have also had several pieces exhibited at the One on One gallery in the Culture Center at Medicine Hat College.

I now do a lot of my projects home and at work, although I very much enjoyed the facilities provided for us in school. I love doing photoshoots in new locations and going on adventures both indoors and outdoors. My creative process is trial and error, as I am a very hands-on learner.

I am most inspired by the world around me. I appreciate both nature and urban areas. I am always spending time with family and friends. I look to a change of scenery when I am searching for inspiration. We have been told to take a walk or go outside when we are brainstorming for a new idea. I live by this. It gives me time to relax and take a step back from my work. For that period, I can enjoy the little things in life.

I work on various projects as much as I can, and I have been engaged in the arts since I was very young. At home, my mom always had crafts for my sister and I to try. I was in piano, band, and drawing classes as well. I danced and participated in rhythmic gymnastics for many years. In high school, I completed a photography class and two communications media classes. I also enjoyed my creative writing class. I create because I want to express myself. I have a passion for the arts and I want my audience to know that persistence pays off.

My plans include becoming a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and printmaker, as well as exploring new skills in other mediums. I would like to own a design company or an art gallery. I will make Kindersley home for the next few years, and then see where life takes me.